Patricia Becker

Dance Instructor

Patricia Becker - Starlight Dance Studio San DiegoPatricia Becker is an actress, dancer and choreographer from Argentina. Her dance background goes back to her childhood when she studied ballet and modern dance. She started dancing tango in Cordoba, Argentina in 2004 and rediscovered her love for the dance in 2009 when working as an actress in New York City. She was taken by the depth and uniqueness of tango and her passion to explore its secrets was born.

Since then she has never stopped learning and has had the opportunity to train with some of the most acclaimed tango teachers from Argentina. She has studied other body and movement disciplines to develop her understanding of the mechanics of the human body. Currently training formally in Feldenkrais, this has become one of the key techniques that informs her teaching.

Her focal point is helping students to develop an understanding of how to move naturally and effortlessly, thereby enhancing the connection and unity between dance partners. Regularly invited to various Tango festivals, she has recently partnered with Marc Husner, Oliver Kolker, Alex Krebs among others.